How do we identify extraordinary and yet useful ideas? Which ideas offer a great fit with our business? And how do we find such ideas? Thematic thinking helps you to see the bigger picture.


We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers. We apply the concept of thematic thinking to managerial practice.

We believe it will change the way enterprises handle and tackle their innovation processes in the future. This is our blog.

How Incumbents Select Startups as Dissimilar Innovation Partners

    Julia K. de Groote presented her conjoint work with Julia Backmann, Fabienne Chappuis, and Claudio Stammler on the collaboration b

How Henkel Extends its Detergents Business to the Laundry Business

  Henkel keeps on investing in start-ups offering laundry services. After investing in ZipJet it recently invested in the Dutch start-up dobbi

Reframing Television Sets

Samsung`s new QLED televisions become nearly invisible in the standby-mode by blending with the pattern and color of the background. (more&h

Why Ikea bought TaskRabbit

" alt="" width="254" height="188" />IKEA announced that it would buy task rabbit, an online platform for hiring individuals to perform simple t

How can Family Businesses survive disruptive industry changes?

    Julia K. de Groote presented her conjoint work with Werner Conrad and Andreas Hack at the 21th Annual Interdisciplinary Conferenc

Update on academic publications

Our two latest academic publications on thematic thinking are now available online. (more…)

Thematic thinking and blue oceans

Thematic Thinking finds you blue oceans. (more…)

Paper presented at AOM conference ’15

Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management 2015, August 7-11, Vancouver, Canada. (more…)

Paper accepted for publication

Our paper "Idea Selection in Suggestion Systems: A Thematic Similarity Perspective" has been accepted for publication at  R&D Management. (

Julia K. Froehlich wins best paper award

Presentation at the European Academy of Management Conference 2015, June 17-20, Warsaw, Poland. (more…)

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