How do we identify extraordinary and yet useful ideas? Which ideas offer a great fit with our business? And how do we find such ideas? Thematic thinking helps you to see the bigger picture.


We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers. We apply the concept of thematic thinking to managerial practice.

We believe it will change the way enterprises handle and tackle their innovation processes in the future. This is our blog.

Paper accepted for publication

Our paper "Idea Selection in Suggestion Systems: A Thematic Similarity Perspective" has been accepted for publication at  R&D Management.

Paper presented at PDMA’14

 We have presented our team-level thematic thinking paper at the 38th Product Innovation Management (PIM) Conference, October 18th-19th, Denver,

New academic publication on thematic thinking

Our paper "Thematic Thinking and Individual Performance in Research and Development" has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Product Inno

Out now: Thematic Thinking – The book

Our new book on Thematic Thinking is now available in all major online bookstores and can also be ordered directly from Pearson.   

Paper presented at EURAM’14

Presentation at the European  Academy of Management Conference 2014, June 4-7, Valencia, Spain.

Coming soon: Thematic Thinking – The book

It has become a little silent on our blog. But for a good reason: we have been working hard to finish our first book on Thematic Thinking. A kindle ve

Don’t drink and Drive – Do invest and drive

As we all know cars and alcohol do not go well together. Alpina, an independent car manufacturer since 1983, that has partnered with BMW to “on

Two papers presented at EURAM’13

Presentation at the European  Academy of Management Conference 2013, June 26-29, Istanbul, Turkey.

How to attend to unattended customers

Some companies have customer groups that they ignore in their marketing activities and when developing new products. Using several examples from the d

New academic publication on thematic thinking

Froehlich, J. K., & Hoegl, M. 2012. Thematic Ideation - Antecedents and Consequences of Individuals' Thematic Similarity Recognition. Creativity &